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Do all of your group trips have to leave the country?

No. Your trips can be in or out of the USA. There are many opportunities to visit wonderful locations within a tighter budget within the USA. Or you can explore Europe, Asia, Australia, South America or many of the Caribbean or Pacific Islands.

Can you plan a trip for our Family that we can all enjoy?

Groups can begin with 8 to 10 people. This can be a Family, an Association, or a Club. In fact, any group can contact me, and I will be glad to work with them to find the trip that will let them explore their passions.

On our last Group trip, the Travel Agent planned the trip, but then I had to do all the work to book the people, collect their money, and keep them informed about the trip. Will I have to do all of that again?

Not if you use RWM Travel!! As explained on our Services page, I work with you to plan the trip. Then I expect you to help promote the trip to your group. I do the rest of the work to keep everything organized so that you have a fantastic trip

My group’s interest is (Wine, Eating, Military History, Religious Architecture, Bird Watching, etc.). Can you help plan a trip for us to explore this passion?

Yes! I’ll need to work with you to find out what kinds of things you would want to do while on your trip, but then I will do the research to build an itinerary that you will love. Our Services page can outline more on this, please click here to view our Services.

Can you plan a trip for just a couple or two?

I would love to help plan your trip, as shown on the Individual Travel page. Although the level of customization might not be possible with an individual trip, I can still use the same technics to find your interests and plan a trip that will let you explore your passions.

Does a group trip have to be 7 days long?

Most group trips work best as 7 to 10 days in length. This is the typical time that people can get off work. If your group is made up of Retirees, you might want to consider a longer trip of 14 to 21 days. This allows for more time at your destination while maximizing the travel budget.