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Ten Years of the Daily Zoo!

Ten Year Stack of Sketchbooks

Time flies when you're having fun and much fun has certainly been had! And time has, indeed, flown by as well. It's hard to believe, but March 31st, 2016 marked the completion of ten years of the Daily Zoo. Little did I know what I was getting myself into when I drew that blue-footed booby on Day 001 (as seen here) way back in 2006! I will forever be grateful for "keeping the doctor at bay with a drawing a day" as it has been rewarding and therapeutic on so many levels. The people, the stories, and the experiences have made this a most memorable journey so far - and I'm excited to have it continue! Out of curiosity I decided to see just how ten years of daily sketches stacks up, as seen at right: not quite as tall as me, but about twice as high as my three-year-old. On Day 3,653 - the final day of Year Ten - it was challenging to decide what to draw. After some deliberation, it seemed fitting to go back to where the Daily Zoo all started and draw another blue-footed booby. And since doing the Zoo has been such a journey, I chose to depict this booby on, well, a journey of his own, though taking a well-deserved break. (Fans of Roman numerals will perhaps enjoy the significance of the bench's design.) For me the journey is the important part, not really where you end up. Certainly I make goals - and work very hard to make them happen - but I try to enjoy each step along the way. What fun is the trip if you're not exploring your imagination and feeding your creative soul? So here's to all you fellow Journeyers - may your travels be ever vivacious and vibrant! Work hard, have fun, and don't forget to rest and enjoy a peanut butter and sardine sandwich once in a while.

Day 3653 - Peanut Butter & Sardines

Day 3,653 - Peanut Butter & Sardines

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